Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sophie Charlottte to wed again

November 7, 1927

Duchess Sophie Charlotte of Oldenburg, the divorced wife of Prince Eitel Friedrich of Prussia, announced her engagement earlier today to Police Major von Hedemann, according to Chicago Tribune dispatch from Berlin.

Since her divorce, Sophie has been living with her father on his estate at Lensahn, near Oldenburg, where Major von Hedemann was a "frequent caller during her solitude."

Duchess Sophie is 48 years old.  Her future husband is 43.  They have "agreed to forget the traditions which marred their youth" and marry, despite the disapproval of their families and "scandal mongers."

Von Hedemann once served as a guard with the Uhlans, one of Kaiser Wilhelm II's squads.  He now is a mounted policeman in Düsseldorf.

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