Thursday, November 14, 2013

Serbia 2005: Crown Prince Alexander's 60th birthday

In July 2005, I had the pleasure of being invited to attend the 60th birthday celebrations for Crown Prince Alexander.  It was my first trip to Serbia.

Here is a selection of photos from the long weekend.  More will be posted in a few days, as I scan them in for a new Shutterfly book.

Crown Princess Katherine greets Princess Eleonora, wife of Prince Serge.

Grand Duke of Luxembourg

Princess Eleonora of Serbia and Princess Chantal of France

Prince Serge

Princess Chantal and Baron Francois de Sambucy

The King of Sweden

Duke of Braganza

Princess Isabelle of Liechtenstein and Maria do Gloria of Braganza

Grand Duke of Luxembourg

Sol and Luna, daughters of Princess Gloria of Braganza, 1st wife of Crown Prince Alexander

Victoria and Desmond de Silva

Prince Philipp of Liechtenstein


Mark Wills said...

Lovely photos of your visit Marlene! I liked seeing the photo of Princess Maria do Gloria.

Jérôme J. said...

It is nice indeed to see Princess Maria da Gloria being invited at this party.
A mistake : Princess Chantal d'Orléans is with Baron François-Xavier de Sambucy de Sorgue, her husband,
not her son, Baron Axel.
Very best,

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

thanks I knew it was her husband ... but for some reason I typed Axel ... by the way, a nice guy, we met in Bucharest at Michael's party ...friends with GD George