Thursday, November 21, 2013

Princess Alexandra Galitzine held under bond

November 21, 1927

Princess Alexandra Galitzine was released from the Immigration Bureau at Ellis Island this afternoon after a bond of $500 was given as a guarantee that she would not remain in the country "beyond the six months allotted on her passport," according to the New York Times.

The Princess arrived on Saturday night aboard the Holland-America liner Ryndam from Europe.  Because the 22-year-old princess has a Russian passport, she was not permitted to land in Hoboken, and had to remain on the ship until Ellis Island opened this morning. 

She was escorted by her cousin, Prince Paul Chavchavadze, whose wife, Princess Nina of Russia, is the sister of Princess Xenia, who is married to William B. Leeds.

Princess Alexandra, who studied nursing in England, came to the United States to visit her mother, Princess Galitzine, who lives in Chicago.

Prince Paul, a member of the Cunard Line staff at 25 Broadway, paid the $500 bond.

Princess Alexandra is the seventh child of the late Prince Paul Galitizine, who died in 1916, and Princess Alexandra Mestchersky.

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