Friday, November 1, 2013

Brunswick awaits its new duke and duchess

November 1, 1913

Tomorrow Prince Ernest Augustus of Cumberland and his bride, Princess Viktoria Luise, only daughter of Wilhelm II, will enter the "re-created Duchy of Brunswick as the reigning Duke and Duchess.

Kaiser Wilhelm presented "the throne of Brunswick as a wedding gift" to the couple who were married on May 24.

The new Duke will immediately receive the status of a "German Federal Sovereign," and he won't be required to "abandon his house's claim to the throne of Hanover," which have been demanded by the German media and the public.

There remains a "bitter undercurrent of popular discontent" over what is perceived to be Prussia's "surrender to the Guelphs over the Hanoverian renunciation."

The reality of the situation is that the "grievance is more sentimental than real" and Duke Ernst August's offense will soon be forgotten, "if not forgiven."

There are elaboration preparations for the state entry.  Brunswick is now a thriving land of about 175,000 inhabitants.

Ernst August will find a "Government, Parliament, Court and household" already waiting for him.  He will also receive a civil list of $281,250 a year from his "loving and supporting subjects."

The new Duke will "eventually become one of the richest sovereigns in Europe" when he inherits his father, the Duke of Cumberland's fortune and estates. He will also inherit the Guelph fund, confiscated by Bismarck.  The total amount of his future inheritance comes close to $35 million.

Ernst  August will also "clearly and unequivocally affirm his allegiance" to the empire, so no one will ever doubt his "fealty to the fatherland."

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