Thursday, August 29, 2013

Princess Eudoxia may play a role

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August 29, 1943

Princess Eudoxia, the "pro-Fascist spinster sister" of the late King Boris of Bulgaria, "probably will play an increasingly important part in Bulgarian politics," according to United Press. 

King Boris died yesterday.  His death is described as "unexpected and mysterious."

Boris' 6-year-old son, Simeon, is now king, but Balkan observers acknowledge that Eudoxia, known for her "antidemocratic leanings" will have "greater scope to exercise her influence over the government."

The Associated Press is reporting that Adolf Hitler has sent telegrams of sympathy to King Boris' widow, Queen Givoanna, and the Bulgarian premier.

The telegrams were read on Berlin radio.  "I would like to convey to your excellency on the occasion of the death of His Majesty King Boris mine and the German people's most cordial sympathy.  I feel with you deeply the heavy loss which Bulgaria has suffered."

The telegram to Queen Giovanna said:  "The moving news of the death of His Majesty King Boris has given me great sorrow.  Bulgaria loses in King Boris a sovereign who led the history of his people with admirable courage and circumspect wisdom.

"I myself lose in him a faithful friend and ally."


Jérôme J. said...

Was Princess Eudoxia a true pro-fascist ?

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Not according to the Groueff biography of Boris. Eudoxia is portrayed as a princess marginalized and sidelined after Boris's marriage. According to this author, she resented Boris and the government's pro-German views, and told her father about this when she visited him in Coburg.

Bea said...

Marlene, do you know what became of Eudoxia after the war? I have read she lived with her sister for a while but nothing else. Bea

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

She was arrested by the communists, put into a camp, tortured, and eventually freed when the rest of the family went into exile. She lived her sister in Germany, but it seems she lived a rather quiet life being released.

Arturo Beeche said...

Eudoxia and Nadejda were everything but "pro-fascist" – this is yet another lie turned into a truth by enemies of the monarchy.

Just like the ridiculous notion that King Boris was "poisoned."

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

the description was not about Nadejeda, but Eudoxia, and based on contemporary reports, not current reports.