Wednesday, August 28, 2013

King Constantine is not selling his home

The Sunday Times' real estate section recently included a listing for Stanyards, a rather impressive estate in Chobham, Surrey.  A number of "royal watchers" have assumed, albeit incorrectly, that this estate is being sold by the King Constantine II of the Hellenes. 

Silly, silly people.  There is nothing in the Savill's listing that says the King is the owner.  He is not.

  "This beautiful home retains character features and has royal connections with the family of the King of Greece who resided there."

Resided there, not resides there.  King Constantine II bought the property in 1974 after the Greeks voted for a republic.  He paid about £100,000 for the estate.

 The King sold the house two years later, report in The Times, and bought the home in Hampstead. 

Among the silliest of commentaries:  One person noted said he was disappointed after looking at the photos and he expected better of Queen Anne Marie.  The photos in the catalog have no connection to the Greek and Danish royal families.

Well, that's because   King Constantine and Queen Anne Marie have not lived in the house SINCE 1976!!!!!! 

Stanyards was sold most recently in 2000.  It is now on the market for over 5 million pounds sterling.

The royal family's main residence is now in Greece.


evan said...

I was unaware that the Greek Royal Family retained any property in Greece. I was under the impression that when they were expelled that the palaces were kept by the State. Can you tell us more?

Marlene Eilers Koenig said... should explain. They recently built a home in Greece