Friday, April 19, 2013

Prince Alexander to succeed Duke of Connaught

April 19, 1913

Although the Duchess of Connaught is recovering well from her recent operation,  it appears there is "no likelihood" that the Duke and Duchess of Connaught will return to Canada, where the Duke serves as Governor General, reports the Chicago Daily Tribune.

It is "understood" that the new Governor-General will be Prince Alexander of Teck, a "rising member" of Queen Mary's "influential ducal family."  The Prince is a younger brother of Queen Mary, the consort of George V.   Prince Alexander's wife, Princess Alice, is a first cousin of King George, and daughter of the late Duke of Albany.

Prince Alexander and Princess Alice were married in 1904.  They have two pretty" children.   He is said to be a "man of great ability," and has been given "several important missions," largely through Queen Mary's "influence," according to the dispatch.

The Teck family appears to be doing well "under the sunshine of court favor and government emoluments."  Prince Alexander recently represented the King at the funeral of King George of the Hellenes.

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