Monday, April 15, 2013

Nicholas refuses to back down

April 15, 1937

Prince Nicholas of Romania, who was stripped of "all royal rights" by his brother, King Carol II, because he refused to give up his commoner wife, is proving "less tractable than" the former King Edward VIII.

According to a wireless dispatch to the New York Times, Prince Nicholas is refusing to leave the country, despite the orders from the government and his brother.

The pro-Nazi Iron Guard, which is now known as the All for Our Country League, has come out in support of the Prince, and has "launched a campaign of defiance" against King Carol.

Nicholas remains under house arrest at his country estate.  He remains obstinate in his determination to remain in Romania, despite the "extreme pressure put upon him" to leave the country.

The Iron Guard "sees in Nicholas's disgrace a Heaven-sent opportunity" to regain "the prestige it lost" when the king tried to resist "German and Italian influences" after the funeral of two members of the Iron Guard, who were killed "while assisting the Spanish rebellion."

The Iron Guard's leaders see Carol as a "competitor in a race to establish a dictatorship in Romania."

The head of the Iron Guard, General Cantacuzenu delivered a speech to his lieutenants earlier today.

"I give you this battle cry "Long Live Her Majesty Queen Helen; long live Prince Nicholas!  Carry this battle cry over the walls of the city, throughout our country and into the world beyond."

The General did not include the "usual cry "God Save King Carol," as he demanded cheers for Carol's former wife and his younger brother.

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