Friday, April 26, 2013

Kendra Spears and her surfer boyfriend

Just one week ago, American model Kendra Spears, now the fiancée of Prince Rahim Aga Khan, was profiled by fashion TV as the model of the week.

"“I like to consider myself as sophisticated,” says Spears. “I think it’s about being open minded and not so much about what you know but taking in information all the time and always responding positively [to situations].”

But modeling aside, Spears is an avid traveler  last Summer alone she jet-set between Sardinia, Hawaii, Seattle, New York, Biarritz, and England with her surfer boyfriend who has even got Spears trying her hand at riding the waves too! Is there anything this chick can’t do?!"

Surfer boyfriend?  Hmmm!  One week ago.  Kendra fibbing a bit, with the knowledge that she was about to announce her engagement to the verrrry rich Prince Rahim Aga Khan, heir to the Aga Khan ...

(an interview from 2009 when she had a boyfriend named Aaron.)

Lastly, a very charming photo of the future (perhaps) Begum Aga Khan.

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