Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Has Hermine left for good?

April 2, 1923

The Doorn correspondent for the Yorkshire Evening Post has learned "from a singularly well-informed source," that the former Kaiser Wilhelm II and is wife, Hermine, have "definitely separated as a result of domestic troubles," reports the Associated Press.

When Princess Hermine left Doorn a week or so ago she "went ostensibly to inspect family estates" in Silesia, but according to the reporter, she is now staying with her relatives.

"The actual separation is over a fortnight old," he reports, "but the secret has been well kept."

The Yorkshire Evening Post's correspondent also noted that Wilhelm's life is "very solitary and his establishment very simple, for, although his private means are still ample, they are not under his control."

The marital difficulties are said to be rooted in "a serious disagreement" between the former German Emperor and his second wife.

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