Tuesday, April 9, 2013

exile for Iñaki ...

Iñaki Urdangarin has informed his father-in-law, King Juan Carlos of Spain, that he intends to "take up a job offer in Qatar," according to El Pais. 
The position remains unspecified, but it appears he will be an assistant coach on the staff of Spanish handball coach Valero Rivera, who has been offered the job of coaching the Qatari national team.  Urdangarin and Rivera have been friends since Rivera's coaching days at the FC Barcelona team, when Iñaki was a "key player."

Iñaki is expected to travel to Dohan within the week to "negotiate his contract."  Infanta Cristina will remain in Spain with the couple's four children until the end of the school year.

Something tells me that Cristina and kids will not be moving to Doha any time soon.  Although the job will be lucrative, this offer is nothing more than an arrangement to get Iñaki out of Spain.  Exile.  I won't be surprised if this announcement is the first of several announcements that ends with Infanta Cristina leaving her husband, filing for divorce, and returning to the embrace of her family.

King Juan Carlos has denied any involvement in helping his disgraced son-in-law get the job in Qatar.



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