Friday, April 12, 2013

Eulalia demands Franco restore monarchy

April 12, 1937

Infanta Eulalia of Spain, the 73 year old aunt of former King Alfonso XIII, has demanded that Francisco Franco restore the king in "reward for financial aid to the rebel general," the Associated Press reports.

"All the royal family have given their last cent to Franco," Infanta Eulalia said.  She added that Alfonso has given "nearly ten million dollars" in the civil war against the republican government.

Although Euliala was herself banished by Alfonso from Spain for publishing her memoirs, she considers her nephew to be "the greatest patriot that ever lived in Spain."

"Now they must call him back to the throne -- they must give him his reward for what he has done."

She admitted, however, "of course, it is a little early for my nephew to return, with all this battling going on -- but he'll get back. Don't you worry.

"Franco will put Alfonso back on the throne as soon as possible.  I gave him all my belongings and all my property.  He's got to win."

The rebel general has said that he would establish a military regime if he can overthrow the current government, and may consider the restoration of the monarchy.

Infanta Eulalia does not know where Alfonso is -- "he's around somewhere digging up more money for Franco, I guess."

Although the Infanta has made "pointed Republican statements, " she said she is a "firm royalist," but she realizes that "times have changed and that kings must change with them."

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