Friday, February 22, 2013

Will Infanta Cristina be called into court

It is not looking good for Infanta Cristina of Spain, who shortly may be implicated in her husband's fraud case.

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Dom Huntman said...


before I comment on this thread I wanted first to say that I admire your blog, it is well worked on. In fact I now often visit as and when I read and studdy about a royal family I check to see what details you have presented. I have had the pleasure of meeting some members of different royal families and even once worked to support some and ever it spurs my continued monitoring. It helps being a mad history nut!

Anyway, just a comment on this thread.

Technically speaking the case is against actions that identify the company that the Duke is a major partner in. He himself is not being charged though that could later happening depending on the findings. The Guardian's item and in fact your own comment implies that he is involved or being charged with fraud and that she may get involved. I know that is being a bit picky but technically speaking that is not (or not yet) the case.

Having said all that, it is embarassing for the Spanish Royal Family and they have been rather targetted lately considering some miss-steps like hunting Elephants!

Anyhow, thought it worth saying hello and being picky in regards to taking care not to fall for the media exagerations.


Dom Huntman