Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pope says yes to Albrecht's wedding

February 27, 1933

Archduke Albrecht of Austria learned today that he can marry Madame Bela de Rudnay in a Roman Catholic service, reports the New York Times.  His love for the former wife of the Hungarian minister to Bulgaria has already cost him "his hopes of a throne as well as the respect of his parents."

Two years ago Madame de Rudnay divorced her husband, and despite "strenuous obstruction from Albrecht's mother, Archduchess Isabella,  Albrecht married Madame de Rudnay in a civil ceremony in Brighton, England.

At the time, Archduke Albrecht was considered the Hungarian Nationalst candidate for the "vacant throne," has he is "considered of pure Magyar blood," while Archduke Otto, eldest son of the late Emperor Karl, is "regarded as an "alien Austrian claimant."

In an attempt to further diffuse his mother's opposition to the marriage,  Albrecht, visited Empress Zita, where he renounced his right to the throne and "swore fealty" to Archduke Otto.

The Pope has decided to sanction the marriage on the grounds that the former Irene Lelbach's first marriage to a Protestant was deemed to be "invalid."

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