Thursday, February 7, 2013

Luise "pleads in vain" to see her children

February 7, 1903

The divorce proceedings between the Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Saxony have not been affected by the news that the princess has ended her relationship with her children's tutor, Professor Giron.  According to the New York Times, the proceedings will resume on February 24.

Luise will not be permitted to return to Saxony, but she may have the opportunity to "effect a relationship" if she settles in Austria.

It will up to King Georg, her father-in-law who decides if Luise can see her children.  The King will make this decision after the Saxon court "renders judgment" on the case.

Crown Princess Luise has sent a telegraph to the King, "begging" to see her son, Prince Christian, who is "dangerously ill."  The King called a council of Ministers today to present the Crown Princess' request. 

Her request was declined.  The Ministers "might sympathize" with the princess, but they vetoed her request to return as "it would occasion popular excitement."