Friday, February 15, 2013

John Orth said to be in Argentina

February 15, 1899

The Paris Correspondent for the Times (of London) reports: "According to a letter just received here from Argentina, the Austria Archduke John, alias John Orth,' is now residing with his morganatic wife on a farm on the River Parana, and is more than ever resolved to renounce the prerogatives of his birth."

Archduke Johann Nepomuk Salvator, youngest son of Grand Duke Leopold II of Tuscany, renounced his "rank and all of his Austrian military titles," in 1889, following an "irreconcilable quarrel" with the elderly Field Marshal Archduke Albrecht.

The young "impetuous" Archduke committed "the grossest possible breach of discipline."  He fitted out a small sailing vessel, and soon disappeared with his morganatic wife, the former opera singer, Mizzi Stubel.   They were not heard from again until October 1890, when it was reported that his ship, the St. Margaret, had been "lost off the coast of South America."

Soon afterwards, rumors of his escape soon began to be reported in the international press.  One rumor alluded that Orth and most of his crew had escaped before the ship foundered, and "landed near the mouth of the Plata."  It was alleged that Orth paid off his crew, and he traveled to Brazil.

Mizzi Stubel's mother believes that her son-in-law is still alive, and "one day will reappear among his old friends."

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