Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Former wife of Archduke will get her daughter back

February 27, 1933

Dagmar Habsburg, the former wife of Archduke Leopold, will soon see her 11-year-old daughter, Maria Gabrielle, Habsburg, reports the Chicago Daily Tribune.

Dagmar, who lies in the former palace of the Dukes of Tuscany, is the daughter of a Yugoslavian landowner, 80-year-old Baron Wladimir Nicolics-Podrinksa  Two years ago, after Dagmar and her then nine-year-old daughter visited her father in Zagreb,  the Baron kidnapped the little girl and took her to a small village in Romania.  He claimed that his daughter was an unfit mother.

She went to the police in Vienna and in Yugoslavia, and "diplomatic intervention" has lead to negotiations to "settle the matter peacefully."  According to reports from Zagreb,  Maria Cristina will be returning to Vienna.

Baroness Dagmar Nicolics-Podrinska married Archduke Leopold of Austria in April 1919.  This marriage was considered morganatic.  The couple's only daughter, Marie Gabrielle, was born in Vienna on May 15, 1921. 

Leopold is the fifth child of Archduke Leopold Salvator of Austria and Infanta Blanca of Spain.  He divorced Dagmar in 1931 and married Alice Coburn a year later.

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