Monday, February 11, 2013

Crown Prince gets his divorce

February 11, 1903

The Crown Prince of Saxony has been granted a divorce from his wife on "account of the correspondent with M. Giron, a teacher of languages," reports the New York Times.  Princess Luise is blamed for the breakdown of the marriage and is "ordered to pay the cost of the proceedings."

The court did not take into account the "contention of the Princess's lawyers that she was deranged," but this theory has been accepted by King Georg of Saxony and his son, Crown Prince Friedrich August.

The people of Saxony will be "brought to believe that the Princess acted in an unroyal manner because she was demented."  This idea will be "nourished" until Saxons believe it as the "historic truth."

Princess Luise's behavior was described as the "most destructive of respect for the Crown."  Monarchists believe that the Princess's actions was must be glossed over.

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