Friday, September 7, 2012

Trying to arrange a marriage for the "pretty grand duchess"

September 7, 1912

According to the latest dispatch by the Chicago Daily Tribune,  "one of the purposes" of Queen Mary's visit to Neu Strelitz was a "project for the marriage" of the young Grand Duchess Marie Adelaide of Luxembourg.

It was not that long ago that Kaiser Wilhelm II "tried unsuccessfully" to arrange a marriage between Marie Adelaide and one of the Prussian princess.  The Kaiser's attempt "evoked quite a remarkable letter" from the 18-year-old Grand Duchess.  She wrote "quiet frankly" to Wilhelm II, and told him that she would only consider "such an alliance" if the Kaiser and the Crown prince would "take a solemn oath" to never attempt to absorb the Grand Duchy into the German empire. 

The Grand Duchess recently refused to ratify a bill passed by two-thirds of Luxembourg's chamber because she believed the legislation to be "Socialistic and anti-Catholic."  She has also said that she will be advised, but not "coerced by her Ministers."

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