Monday, September 10, 2012

My Photos from the wedding

I understand someone from a Spanish board reads my blog.  Someone there has posted my photos WITHOUT PERMISSION. A friend, who is fluent in Spanish, has contacted them but the photos are still there.    These photos MUST BE REMOVED.  I did not grant permission.  The poster can provide a link to the blog, but the photos cannot be used without permission.

The offender is called cotilleando.

UPDATE:  The photos have been removed, thankfully.  I expect Luxnews to fire their big guns as well on this message board.

Several Tumblr posters, including AlessandraHAutumn, have also violated intellectual property laws by using my photos. I have already filed a claim with Tumblr regarding this.

Hey, Royalwatcher and Regal Majesty on Tumbler, I have filed copyright complaints against you as well.

UPDATE:  Thank you Tumblr!   The photos have been removed!

These are MY photos.  Not yours.  No one who reads my blog (or anyone else's blog) has the right to steal, yes, steal, my photos.   International intellectual property laws allow others to use links to the photos.

Creating a link is very easy.   Thanks for understanding.   


judy said...

Looks like they took the photos down, with a little catty bitching thrown in for good measure...

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

thanks. I saw. Wonder how they will react when Luxnews fires their big guns. What they do not understand or accept is that they do not own the photos.

Laurent said...

Come on, Are you so naïve to think people won't use pictures found on internet ? Who cares about copyright except you. Don't put them at thé disposal of everyone and keep the photos for you next time

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Are you that much of a French prat-pig piece of merde. Your own country has laws to protect intellectual property. Do you also steal clothes or tv sets. You have been banned from message boards for violating intellectual property laws. The trouble with swine like you is that you don't respect yourself. Lawyers love people like you .. like going offer swine.