Tuesday, August 14, 2012

On behalf of Buddy

Thank you for your kind comments and emails.  Buddy was a very special kitty, much loved, happy, spoiled, and he had a great life. He had the choice of a comfy bed or the dining room table, or, when he was younger, the top of the fridge or a bookcase.  He got what he wanted.  He knew Mommy always kept cooked chicken breast for him.   If Buddy did not like what was put in the bowl, he'd come over to me, nudge me, kiss me, paw me, and stare straight at the fridge ... his power over me was strong.  He knew he could stare me down, and get that chicken out of the fridge. 

A week ago Saturday night, I made chicken for dinner, and Buddy made sure that he had some, too.  It was the last time I saw Buddy roll over, give me that look, and get some chicken in return.  Something happened that night that changed everything.  Three days later he went to Heaven. 

After I came home from the vet,  I was in tears.  Sienna saw the empty carrier and ran upstairs.  Edison went over to the last place where Buddy had been before I put him in the carrier, and howled.  He ran upstairs and scratched on the glass door of the fireplace, and stared at the door, thinking Buddy was there. 

I sat on the couch, and Edison jumped up next to me, and put his paw on my leg, comforting me.  He and Sienna are very close, but when she jumped up next to him, to get closer to me,  he hissed at her, and pushed her away.  I think he said: "I am the man, and I will take care of Mommy." 

Sienna, who has a mind of her own, and does not put up with any nonsense -- she was the only one who was Ella's match.   Ella would sit and wait for the boys to pass her, and then swat at them. She intimidated the boys, and I would have to stand between them to allow the boys to pass.  Sienna never puts up with such bad behavior, so after Edison pushed her away, she came right back, walked over Edison, and crawled into my lap, and started purring.

I am half way to the vet bill from hell.



Michelle said...

i thought my Riley Dakota was the ONLY cat who ran to the fridge and, when it is opened, crawls inside! she loves her some turkey... the kind you make sandwiches with. she will also eat basically any type of meat we have for dinner.

we once had an orange tabby called Buddy. my biological father worked at a hotel, and found him outside in the rain. his ear was all torn up, so something had happened to him, and he was a small kitten. so he took him home, put a flea collar on, and named him Buddy. he was a highlight of our summer visitation, especially because we were abused, sometimes neglected, and Buddy was such a good... well... buddy.

i'm sorry for your loss. our cat Autumn randomly died last year, probably of a heart attack the vet said. i checked on the girls (cats), went out for an hour, came home, and she was in the same position only she was clearly dead. i wouldn't go into the room i found her in for months, afraid i'd find another of the girls gone.

our doggie died the day she turned 14 just 15 months ago. since i turned 26 a couple weeks ago, i had her for over half my life, and she was a rottie (rottweiler) on the outside but a big fluffy furball of love on the inside. my black lab died at age 3, probably of west nile virus according to the vet, and i still miss her terribly, her picture by my bed.

sometimes people don't understand that our "pets" are just as important as our people in many ways. i will be praying for peace & comfort for you.

about this website you linked to... i'd like to make a small donation (as much as i can afford, not much but i figure every bit helps?) but i don't know this website. i can't access the part where it says how to pay without entering all my personal info. does it accept paypal? if you can respond in the comments of this post, i'll check back. i generally don't just type in the credit card info directly to a site i don't know, but if it does not take paypal, we can cross that bridge then.

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Michelle the site is secure. I would not be using it otherwise. But contact me at royal musings at cox dot net and I can give you the. Contact for PayPal.. I loved hearing about your buddy too

Making Changes said...

I am so sorry for your loss. I know it is a long time in cat years but 16 years is not enough.

You seem like a terrific cat mommy and I'm sure your other little ones are a great comfort.

Buddy seems like a very special cat and I'm sure he was loved and blessed from the moment you found him in the field.