Friday, July 6, 2012

The royal gossip for today

July 6, 1892

According to the Chicago Daily Tribune's Foreign Gossip column,  the Duke of Edinburgh is said to have a "fad for collecting miniature silver ships," and has amassed a small fleet of fifty.

Meanwhile, his wife, the Duchess of Edinburgh is described as an "accomplished and lovely woman," and is another example  of the "familiar truth that exalted status does not secure personal happiness."

[Marlene's note:  perhaps the Duke should spend less time with his little ships.]

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, who is currently visiting her mother, the Grand Duchess of Baden, has apparently benefited from her "winter sojourn" to Egypt."   The Crown Princess, like her brother, the Hereditary Grand Duke of Baden, "suffers from weak lungs."

On a sadder note, Grand Duke George of Russia, second son of Alexander III, is ill, and undergoing medical treatment in the Caucasus. where he "will remain for two years."

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