Monday, July 30, 2012

Crown Princess Victoria cancels trip to London

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden has decided not to travel to London to cheer on the Swedish team.

"She has chosen to prioritize Princess Estelle, the trip would have been too tough to make with such a small child," said Royal Court spokesperson Bertil Ternert.

"Too tough?"   Baby gets put into carrier.   Nanny packs baby's suitcase.  Maid packs Victoria's suitcase.  Someone takes the suitcases and other items, including baby carriage, baby seat, etc., and transports them to the airport.  Victoria, baby in carrier, and the nanny,  get in car, and are driven to airport.  They travel first class.  Two hour or so flight to London. 

No need to find a taxi or catch the Heathrow Express to Paddington.  Tough is when you travel cattle class with your infant, and you have to fend for yourself ....

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