Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Grand Duke Boris in disgrace .. again

May 1, 1912

Grand Duke Boris Vladimirovich of Russia is "in disgrace again," according to the Los Angeles Times.  For the past several years he has been "painting St. Petersburg and other European capitals a brilliant red on the average of once a week."

The Grand Duke is being sent to the dog house, as his first cousin, Emperor Nicholas II, is "tired of his escapades," and has ordered a "system of restrain" for his effervescent cousin, which would "make the existence of a hermit look like a gay whirl of pleasure."

Boris has received frequent warnings that his "sanguinary temperament" may lead to breaking the Emperor's laws, and bring about a "severe punishment."  His family would not like to him sent to the Caucasus as a punishment, but that is what might happen if he "doesn't behave, at least for a time."

He recently "broke his own record for reckless extravagance" when he gave himself "a little supper for himself and his latest affinity," which cost him $10,000.

Boris is known for "reckless extravagance," and has on occasion smash all the empty champagne bottles, and "then roll around until his face and hands were covered with cuts."

Nicholas II has threatened to send his cousin to the Caucasus, where he would join another cousin, Grand Duke Dimitri Pavlovich, "who was banished" for paying too much attention to Nicholas II's daughter, Grand Duchess Olga.  Grand Duke Dimitri is said to be in love with the Emperor's eldest daughter.

Many believe Boris will undertake another exile, and return to the United States, where he visited in 1902.   He is found of America, especially "New and Chicago," where he "was entertained lavishly."

While in Chicago, Grand Duke Boris "had a long, busy round of ragtime music, chorus girls and champagne."

In Russia, the Grand Duke is "chafing under the restraints" imposed by the Emperor.

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