Monday, April 16, 2012

When Dad tells the kids about the mistress!

Several months, King Juan Carlos and his three children dined at the El Lando restaurant in Madrid.   Hola! published a report and photographs of the king and his kids entering the restaurant.   Just dad and the kids.  No wife (Queen Sofia was said to be traveling),  the Princess of Asturias was taking care of her two daughters, and Infanta Cristina's husband, Inaki Urdangarin, was elsewhere. 

According to the Madrid newspaper, Elpuso, the King had a reason for a dinner out with the kids, and the reason was not to try the restaurant's famous tomato salad and lamb chops.   King Juan Carlos wanted a quiet place, away from the palace, to tell his three children about the very important woman in his life.  Not his wife, Sofia, whom he married nearly 50 years ago, but Corinna Prinzessin zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn.

One can only imagine the reactions of Infanta Elena, Infanta Cristina and the Prince of Asturias.  Dad 'fessing up about how important Corinna is to him.  According to the source who provided the information to the newspaper,  Corinna lives with her daughter at El Pardo, away from "the gaze of onlookers."  She was with the King in Botswana, when he shot an elephant, fell, broke several hip bones, and is now recovering from surgery in a Madrid hospital.  Corinna is said to be with him.

Queen Sofia spent the Orthodox Easter in Greece with her brother, King Constantine II and his family.

The reaction of the three children is not recorded, at least not in the media reports.  Corinna is not the King's first mistress.   Elena, Cristina and Felipe are well aware of the their parents' marital situation.  Juan Carlos needed to marry a princess.  He married the King of the Hellenes' daughter in a very grand marriage.  But King Juan Carlos, who stood his ground to establish democracy in Spain,  also continued, albeit privately, to have his wife, his kids, and a mistress.

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emeraldcity said...

"King Juan Carlos wanted a quiet place, away from the palace, to tell his three children about the very important woman in his life".

Taking the kids out to a public restaurant to tell them he has a new mistress? Probably hoping they wouldn't make a scene in a public place by telling him what a first class jerk he has become.