Monday, April 16, 2012

Suit against Prince Victor

April 16, 1908

Prince Victor of Thurn und Taxis cannot catch a break, according to the New York Times.  The German prince is the subject of a formal complaint by Mlle Kemper, who alleges that Prince Victor obtained $120,000 from her "to facilitate his marriage first with a Princess of the house of Bourbon, and, failing that, with an American heiress."

Mlle. Kemper says that the money was obtained "from her through third parties."   Her complaint also states that she obtained a court order to seize the Prince's possession at a Paris hotel, but the police only found a few clothes of "little value."

Prince Victor recently lost a suit in London, where he had asked for an injunction against an American girl, Miss Josephine Moffitt,  He sought to prevent Miss Moffitt, who had followed him to London, referring to herself as Princess Victor of Thurn und Taxis, or claiming that "she had been married to him secretly in the United States."

Prince Victor, who was born in 1876, is the youngest child of the late Prince Egon Maximilian of Thurn und Taxis and his Hungarian-born wife, Victoria.

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