Friday, April 20, 2012

the story that keeps on giving!

credit for all three photos: Casa Real
King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden were in Toledo, Spain.  The King, who was recently the recipient of bad press (due to allegedly bad behavior), was asked by reporters about the current situation in space regarding King Juan Carlos.

 The King said: "We all make mistakes. Who has not been wrong any time? Saying sorry is always hard, but that's why that apologies should be respected and those who apologise."

Queen Silvia also visited with Queen Sofia.  One can assume that the two royal ladies hugged each other and talked .. and talked ... and talked.  Not commiserate, but offer support to each other. 

Bild, the German tabloid newspaper, is offering a new perspective on events in Spain.  There are calls for abdication and divorce?

Let's look at this from another perspective.  Abdicate because the King has been sleeping with a woman who is not is wife.   It may not be the right thing to do.  Adultery is wrong.   But adultery is not new. Kings and commoners have been cheating on their spouses since forever.  Royal marriages were arranged for dynastic reasons.  The newlyweds did their duty, and soon there would be an heir and spare (and a few more, especially in the Roman Catholic royal families). 

Juan Carlos is following the pattern established by so many of his ancestors, including his father, the Count of Barcelona, his grandfather, Alfonso XIII and his great-grandfather, Alfonso XII.  All were unfaithful to their wives.  Alfonso XII and Alfonso XIII fathered illegitimate children as well. 

Juan Carlos and Sofia have been living separate lives since the late 1970s.  They carry out their official lives together, attending events, and carrying out duties.  Privately, they spend very little time together.  Sofia spends a lot of time visiting her brother, King Constantine II, in London or in Greece.  Her closest friends are her sister, Princess Irene, and her cousin, Princess Tatiana Radziwill.

It was announced earlier this year that the King and Queen would not be having a major celebration in honor of their Golden Anniversary.  The current state of the Spanish economy was given as the official reason, but everybody knew the real reason.   

Juan Carlos and Sofia had no desire to celebrate a marriage that died decades ago.  It was perhaps a very good thing that Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee dinner is scheduled for May 14.   The Spanish royal couple was expected to attend.  Juan Carlos will still be recovering from his recent hip surgery.

I expect Queen Sofia, who is liked by her British cousins, will still attend the event.  She should be there.

Why file for divorce?  Corinna Prinzessin zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn is no Camilla Parker Bowles.  Camilla was meant to be with the Prince of Wales.  They are in love, and care deeply for each other. 

No, Corinna is not Camilla Parker Bowles.  She is the latest of a long line of women who have been bedded by Juan Carlos.  I won't be surprised if Corinna soon becomes the former mistress, if she hasn't already been dumped.

It's one think to walk on the red carpet behind the king, knowing that people will whisper, but not speak loudly, especially in the media.  Now everyone knows about the King and Corinna.  King Juan Carlos is astute enough to know that Corinna will need to be sacrificed -- at least I hope he is astute enough -- and get on with being a king, doing the right thing, which means putting Spain first. 

The public apology was the first step, but there are a lot more steps that need to be taken as the King begins a rehabilitation process, not only for the repair of his hip, but also the repair of his relationship with his family, and his people.

Divorce?  The King and Queen are Roman Catholic ... not going to happen.  Behind palace doors, Juan Carlos and Sofia will be continue to live separate lives, but, in time, they will again appear together ... for Spain and for their son's future.

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Bev Stephans said...

Sophie seems like such a nice, down-to-earth person. It's a shame she's married to a jerk!