Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Prince Pierre challenges annuity figures

April 12, 1936

Prince Pierre de Polignac, the former son-in-law of Prince Louis of Monaco, is denying he has received 800,000 francs annual since his separation from Louis's daughter, Princess Charlotte.

According to the New York Times, the Prince said: "I have never received more than 500,000 francs, and even so, the payments are always lagging behind."

He also repeated his "charge of kidnapping against Helen Wanstall, who is his daughter, Princess Antoinette's English governess.  He said the "action was committed in French territory" and could not be "legalized by a dictum by Prince Louis solely on the authority of Monagesque law."

Miss Wanstall and Princess Antoinette "dares to appear in public without a bodyguard."  The governess has received numerous threatening letters, including one which said: "Hauptmann was also a kidnapper, and you deserve his fate."

Prince Pierre sued Princess Charlotte for divorce six years ago.  Former French President, Raymond Poincaré tried to mediate a reconciliation, but failed in the attempt.  On March 20, 1930, a Monagesque court heard the prince's suit and provided for a legal separation.  The agreement also provided for the custody of the couple's two minor children, Princess Antoinette and Prince Rainier.  The decree gave each parent alternatively custody of the children for six months.

The divorce was made final on December 7, 1933/

Prince Pierre has filed a charge of abduction against Prince Louis II on March 19 last, alleging that Princess Antoinette, 15, was taken from his Paris apartment by "agents of the ruler of Monaco."

Prince Rainer is 12 years old.

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