Friday, April 20, 2012

Much loved Marie Pavlovna gets congratulations

April 20, 1908

Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna, daughter of Grand Duke Paul Alexandrovich, will marry on May 3 to Prince Wilhelm of Sweden, reports the Associated Press.   The young Grand Duchess has been receiving deputations from the local towns, the nobles, local businesses and the troops of the local garrison, and "was congratulated by them on her approaching marriage.

Muscovites have presented the Grand Duchess with various gifts and tokens, testifying to her great popularity in Moscow, where she has lived her entire life.  Many of spoken about her interest "in the poor of Moscow."

Prince Wilhelm, younger son of King Gustav V, will arrive from Sweden on April 30. He will be staying with Grand Duchess Elisabeth, the widow of Grand Duke Serge.  Grand Duchess Marie and her younger brother, Grand Duke Dimitri, have lived with Grand Duchess Elisabeth for some years.

Grand Duke Serge's palace, which has not been used since his assassination, is now being redecorated, and will be reopened for the wedding celebrations.

King Gustav V and Prince and Princess Carl of Sweden are expected to arrive on May 1.  They will be the guests of Emperor Nicholas II at Tsarkoe-Selo.

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