Thursday, April 19, 2012

It's Over: Carl Alexander & Corinna

Bad news  to report.  So sad, after such a promising start.  Prince Carl Alexander and his bride, Angola-born Corinna, of TWO MONTHS have split.  I am shocked, truly shocked!

Prince Carl Alexander, 21, told the German newspaper, Das Bild, that the couple never had sex.  "Even kissing was forbidden," he said.    This statement comes two months after the wedding when Carl-Alexander raved: "Corinna is soooo sweet.  She does have such nice tits!"

The Prince, who does not have a private fortune, received $90,000 for the wedding "so she has my title."  He added: "But at least I could have gotten a cuddle from my wife."  In other words, Corinna was a willing accomplice to fraud, and she never intended to allow the marriage to be consummated. 

Carl-Alexander wants the marriage to be annulled.  Someone needs to tell Corinna that she does not have the title of Princess.  She has the surname Prinzessin von Hohenzollern.

It has not been a good week for Princesses named Corinna.

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