Thursday, December 15, 2011

Will Prince Eitel Friedrich be the new duke

December 15, 1905

There are reports in the duchy of Brunswick that the "recent unexpected visit" of Kaiser Wilhelm II to that city and the "secret visits" of the Grand Duke of Oldenburg to the same city "were connected" to a plan to make Wilhelm's second son, Prince Eitel Friedrich, as the new regency of Brunswick.

The New York Times report notes that the present Regent, Prince Albrecht of Prussia, is "desirous of retiring."  He is nearly 70 years old, and he finds the duties as Regent to be "more and more distasteful."

The Grand Duke of Oldenburg's daughter, Sophie Charlotte, is engaged to Prince Eitel Friedrich.

Prince Eitel Friedrich is aid to be a "great favorite with the people" and he would be welcomed in Brunswick as the new Regent.   But such a decision would certainly increase the breach between the Kaiser and the Duke of Cumberland, who is the heir to the Brunswick throne, but is barred from ascending due to his "refusal to give up his claim to the throne of Hanover."

The Regency is elected by the Diet of Brunswick, but the members of the Diet would most likely choose Wilhelm's nominee.

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