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Prince of Wales gives up hope to evade duties

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December 15, 1935

The "hard working" Prince of Wales "may dream of retiring from the exhausting duties as heir apparent" and retire to his ranch in the Canadian Rockies, but there is little doubt that when his "aging father dies and London rings with the the tidings 'the king is dead, long live the king,"  the Prince of Wales will accept the throne, according to the Associated Press.

This is a different view in "contrast to the often expressed fears of a few years ago," when the Prince of Wales, who is known as David, had hinted of a desire to give it all up and move to Canada.

He once said: "My brother Bertie [the Duke of York] would make a better king than I."  Often, "the privacy of the royal family," he addresses the Duchess  of York as "Queen Elizabeth."

The sudden death of King George V's younger sister, Princess Victoria, 67, on December 3, "sharply emphasized the present monarch's advancing years and stirred new discussion on the dapper, shy, smiling" bachelor Prince of Wales, who will become King Edward VIII.

Although he has a "perennially boyish" appearance, the Prince of Wales, 41,  has been "forced to wear reading glasses,"  much to the shock of the British public.

The Duke and Duchess of York are the parents of two young daughters, Princess Elizabeth, 10, and six-year-old Princess Margaret.

The Prince of Wales has been linked to numerous eligible European princesses and British aristocrats, but has shown no inclination to marry and settle down.

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Gary said...

Fascinating article. It shows that even before his accession, doubts about his intentions vis-a-vis the throne had already crept into public view.