Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Habsburg engagements: a bit more information

It has been confirmed that Kathleen "Katie" Walker did meet Archduke Imre in Washington, D.C, at the Missa Cantata for the late Emperor Karl of Austria.

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Boo LaRue said...

Marlene, Katie is a member of what the kids who live in Northern Virginia and D.C. jokingly call the "Catholic Mafia" which is made up of Catholic young folk in their twenties and thirties. They do a lot together including parties and events but also prayer groups, praying novenas together, attending continuing Catholic education and mass together, retreats. etc. This is a nice group of young people, very polite, considerate and well brought up. It is no wonder that when Imre was in town a year ago last fall that he would be invited to and included in these activities as a young Catholic man traveling in the same circles. The fact that he is a prince just made it that more fun and interesting for the other young people involved.

Again, as Americans, we don't have the same reaction to royalty as Europeans would because almost our entire existence as a country has been identified as not subject to royalty. But everyone I know would respond to royalty with great respect as would befit someone of high rank in our country, like a general or perhaps the president, or Mother Teresa when she was alive, or the Pope. We Americans clean up pretty well when it's required. : )

Hope you are having a nice Christmas season.