Friday, December 2, 2011

Alfonso bars wedding of son Jaime

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December 2, 1931

The Associated Press is reporting that Infante Jaime of Spain has been "prevented" by his father, King Alfonso, from "marrying the girl of his choice.

Jaime, the second son of King Alfonso and Queen Ena, "informed his parents a few days ago" that he was going on a "little automobile trip," from Fontainbleau, were the royal family have been living since they were exiled from Spain earlier this year.

Persons close to the king stated that the Infante Jaime had planned to travel to Bayonne where he had planned to marry secretly.   Nothing is known about the putative bride except that she was Spanish.

All of the "necessary papers had been made ready for the ceremony" when friends of the family learned of the preparations and notified Queen Ena who then told the king.

Alfonso then "instructed" his son to "write a letter of renunciation to the girl."  Infante Jaime has complied with "his father's order."

Infante Jaime, a deaf mute, recently underwent several operations to improve his hearing.  With the help of "scientific instruction," he has learned German, French and Russian.   

His elder brother, Infante Alfonso, suffers from hemophilia, and Don Jaime has been mentioned "as a possible heir apparent to the throne."

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