Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Russian Empress near death

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November 9, 1895

"Trustworthy information" has been received in London, according to a dispatch to the New York Times that Empress Alexandra of Russia has undergone a Cesarean operation and the "consequences have been most deplorable."  The empress' physicians have been in consultation all day, and tonight, the "men of science can no longer conceal" from Emperor Nicholas "that he must be prepared for the most serious developments in the case."

It has been announced in official circles that there "is no hope whatsoever" for the Empress' recovery.  A letter from St. Petersburg, which was dated on October 15, announced that Alexandra "was in seclusion at Tsarskoe Selo."   The Empress is expected to remain the birth of her child.

Empress Alexandra was born on June 6, 1872 at Darmstadt, and was given the names Victoria Helena Louise Beatrice Alix.  She was the second youngest child of Grand Duke Ludwig IV of Hesse and By Rhine, and his wife, Princess Alice, third child of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

Princess Alix met her future husband at the wedding of her sister, Ella, to Nicholas' uncle, Grand Duke Serge, in 1884.  At the time, Alix was 12 years old.   They were married on November 26, 1894, only weeks after the death of Nicholas' father, Alexander III.

Now a year after the marriage,  the Empress is expected to die, as the Cesarean operation was deemed necessary, but only as a last report measure.


Gary said...

Amazing to think how things might (or might not) have been different if Alexandra had died at this time.

Royalty & Enneagram Type said...

Marlene, I didn't know that Alexandra had problems in delivering her children! Isn't conventional wisdom that after one Caesarean, the rest are Caesarean?
And she had a total of 4 daughters and one son.


Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Let's just say, news reporting from Russia was hardly the most accurate -- and there may have been a bit of a stretch regarding Alexandra's condition ...