Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Prince Waldemar not expected to recover

November 29, 1915

The Marquise de Fontenoy is also reporting that Prince Waldemar, the eldest son of Prince and Princess Henry of Prussia, "has been brought back from the front in France to his parents' home so gravely ill that he is not expected to recover."

Princess Henry is the former Princess Irene of Hesse and By Rhine.  She is the sister of Princess Louis of Battenberg, who lives in England, Empress Alexandra of Russia, Grand Duchess Elisabeth of Russia and Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig of Hesse and by Rhine.

Prince Waldemar, 26,  has always been in delicate health.  He spent a large part of his youth in "sanitaria and thermal resorts."  His "lack of stamina and health and general debility" have been ascribed to the fact that "his parents were too closely related, being first cousins," and grandchildren of Queen Victoria.

The prince has always "conveyed the impression of frailty."  He "wears glasses, which do not go well" with the military uniforms he usually wears.  Although he has the rank of captain in the Prussian army and of "commander in the imperial navy," Prince Waldemar has never seen a day of "actual service" with either branch.  

This "differs in respect" to other male members of the Prussian royal family, "who are subjected to the most severe and arduous training of either a military or naval character."

Prince Waldemar enjoys automobiling and has become president of the Imperial Automobile Club.   Members of this organization have put their automobiles at the "disposal of the emperor for military purposes."  As the head of the volunteer services, Prince Waldemar "has been at the front in France," either with his uncle, Kaiser Wilhelm II or at the headquarters of Crown Prince Wilhelm.

Waldemar is said to have been under "constant strain and excitement," and this has become far too much for him.  His health has "given away" and the "general impression is that he has been taken home to Kiel to die."

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