Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nicholas spurns Carol's request

November 10, 1931

Prince Nicholas of Romania and his new wife, Joana, are staying at a villa near Bucharest, according to court circles, reports the Associated Press.

King Carol II has requested that his younger brother come to the palace in Bucharest, but Nicholas "sent his regrets.   Prince Nicholas does not want to "risk his brother's displeasure at being defied.  

The next move is up to King Carol, who could order his brother's arrest, "or even take more drastic measures."  But many expect that the king will not act harshly, as he said to be fond of his younger brother, and has often said "I owe the throne to him."

The press is censored in Romania, so very few details about Prince Nicholas' marriage and the King's "exact sentiments" have been leaked out.  The king is expected to "persist in attempting to annul the marriage" by the destruction of the records.

The AP also reports that King Carol is suffering from "ulcerated tonsils and bronchitis" but his condition not dangerous. 

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