Monday, November 14, 2011

George II leaves exile for home

November 14, 1935

King George II of Greece is now en route to Greece after eleven years of exile.   He departed London "amid royal honors and cheers from fellow countrymen and British friends," according a wireless report to the New York Times.

The Prince of Wales, the Duke and Duchess of York, the Duke and Duchess of Kent, Princess Paul of Yugoslavia and Foreign Secretary Sir Samuel Hoare, were at the train station to see the king off.  The king spent some time in the train station's waiting room with the Prince of Wales and the Dukes of York and Kent. 

.George II was "smiling happily" as he walked with the Prince of Wales to the platform.  There were cheers of "Vivas" and the "national cries of the Greeks.  King George appeared surprised by the "warmth of the welcome" and he hesitated for a few moments before tipping his hat in acknowledgement to crowd.

Just before the train pulled out of the station, a young Greek girl ran forward to present the king with a posy of violets and yellow roses.

King George II  will travel to Greece with his younger brother, Prince Paul, the heir to the throne, and their cousin, Prince Peter.

Before leaving London, the king issued the following statement:  "On leaving England to return to my beloved country I take this opportunity of thanking the British people for their hospitality during my exile.  I shall ever cherish pleasant memories of Great Britain and the unfailing kindness and courtesy I have met there.  The ties that unite Great Britain and Greece are historic and it is my utmost earnest hope they will continue to be as strong in the future as they have been in the past."

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