Thursday, March 24, 2011

Prince Rostislav of Russia robbed of clothing

March 25, 1931

Prince Rostislav of Russia, nephew of the late emperor of Russia, and his wife, Princess Alexandra,  were the victims of a robbery at their first floor apartment at 1311 Astor Street in Chicago,  reports the Chicago Daily Tribune.   The prince went to the police and and said the robbers had "taken clothing belonging to him and the princess valued at about $300."

The robbery took place when the prince and princess were out.  Prince Rostislav said the burglars ended the apartment through a rear door.  They stole a wrist watch, a silver cigarette case, a tan polo coat and a black and white fox scarf.

Prince Rostislav and Princess Alexandra Galitzine, both exiles from their native Russia, were married in a society wedding in Chicago in 1928.  The prince is the son of Grand Duke Alexander and Grand Duchess Xenia of Russia, a sister of Nicholas II.

Both Prince Rostislav and his wife  are employed by loop department stores.

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