Sunday, March 20, 2011

Oh, Andrew, Andrew, Andrew

And everyone writes about Catherine Middleton's uncle Gary Goldsmith ... I think William has Kate beat with dear Uncle Andrew:


MAXny said...

I find it extremely funny that all these stories about Andrew are being made public.
Anyone with half a brain would know that the British government was well aware of his activities and probably sanctioned many of them.
Another thing why isn't the PM calling for his resignation. Makes you go Mmmmmm!
Another thing international finance,business,politics and the "back-rooms" are a cut throat business do people expect him to be a boy-scout.
He is not representing the RF but British business interests. And that is about the all mighty pound!!!
There are shady-corrupt world leaders and business tycoons and,YES, America and her allies do business with these individuals.
This is nothing new under the sun.
Andrew is not in the boy-scout business, he is in a cut-throat business.
People need to accept that.

John said...

I usually expect American papers to refer to Sarah, Duchess of York as 'The Duchess of York' (emphasis on the 'The', which we all know she is not entitled to), but I am surprised even British papers make the same mistake.