Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Duke of York worried about his future as trade envoy

As he well he  should be ...

Over the weekend, he sent a Blackberry message to Goga Ashkenazi, a Kazakh socialite, "expressing his anguish about the coverage of his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein," reports the Daily Telegraph.

He's anguished about the coverage?  He needs a reality check regarding the type of people he befriends.   He obviously did not have a "Danger, Will Robinson" moment when he was first introduced to a convicted sex offender.  We don't know if someone, such as his private secretary or another member of his staff cautioned him about Epstein. For all anyone knows,  Andrew could have blown off any cautionary words.

 Ms. Ashkenazi, described as a "long-time friend" of Andrew's, has "revealed his state of mind" in an interview with the Evening Standard.    Andrew knew what he was doing when he sent that message.  He knew that his dear friend would provide sympathetic blabs to the British press.



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