Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nicholas and Alexandra may attend Victoria's funeral

January 25, 1901

The New York Times is reporting that Nicholas II of Russia and his wife, Alexandra, may attend Queen Victoria's funeral.  The number of "royalties and representatives of foreign nations" expected to attend the funeral is so great that the "royal palaces will be quite inadequate to accommodate them."  Hotels and "great residences" in London also being made available to handle the influx of important guest.
On February 1, the body of the late queen will be taken to Portsmouth on board the royal yacht Aberta, and will remain there overnight.  
It is also "virtually settled" that there will be an "imposing funeral procession through London," which will be led by the new King, Kaiser Wilhelm II and Lord Roberts.
The Grand Duke of Baden has sent word that he will be attending the funeral.   The King of Portugal has received the following telegram from King Edward VII:
"Your kind sympathy for me, dear Charles, at a moment when suffering such a cruel loss affects me deeply. Your presence will be truly welcome at the funeral of my beloved mother."

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