Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Georg Friedrich and Sophie make an official visit to Burg Hohenzollern

Three days after the official announcement of their engagement,  Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia and Princess Sophie von Isenburg made an official, but very private visit to Burg Hohenzollern, the castle that the Prince owns jointly with the Prince of Hohenzollern
"Princess Sophie has visited the castle several times, most recently during the Christmas market", said the castle's manager, Anja Hoppe.
The entire staff at the castle - from the cleaning crew to the ladies at the checkout counter - were called together to drink a glass a champagne with the couple.  Prince Georg Friedrich and Princess Sophie confirmed that they were childhood playmates, but they did not meet, as some newspapers have noted, in the sandbox.  "It was in the wading pool,"  Anja Hoppe revealed afterward.  She added that Princess Sophie is looking forward to many visits to the castle.  Prince Georg Friedrich has fond childhood memories of holidays at Burg Hohenzollern, and he told Anja Hoppe that he will want to bring his children to the castle as well.
Anja Hoppe told a reporter afterward:  "The castle would be really suitable for baptisms."

The marriage will take place in Potsdam later this year.

Princess Sophie is Roman Catholic, and Prince Georg Friedrich is Lutheran.  His great-grandfather, Kaiser Wilhelm II, was the head of the Lutheran church.   In 1823,  the future King Friedrich Wilhelm IV of Prussia married Princess Elisabeth of Bavaria, a Roman Catholic. Seven years after the marriage, Elisabeth converted to the Lutheran church.

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