Friday, December 17, 2010

A royal engagement in Spain

December 17, 1900

Spanish Premier Gen. Azcarraga, in full uniform, stood before the Chamber of Deputies with an official announcement from the Spanish court.  The Princess of Asturias is to marry Prince Carlo, second son of the Count of Caserta.  The Princess is the eldest sister of King Alfonso XIII.  She will remain as Princess of Asturias until the birth the King's first child. 
Although former premier Sagasta is against the marriage,  the New York Times reports that "a committee drawing up a reply to the message, unanimously favoring the alliance."   Although Sagasta is [personally devoted to the Queen Regent and to the "Alfonsist branch of the Bourbons," he could not, in all conscience, give approval in the Cortes to  marriage between the Heiress Presumptive to the Spanish throne "to a Neapolitan Bourbon," son of the Count of Caserta who served as Chief of Staff to the Pretender during the last civil war, when "Don Carlos was confronted by Alfonso XII," father of the present King Alfonso and the Princess.

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