Friday, December 10, 2010

Offer made to Leopold's daughters

December 10, 1910

By telegraph to Clifden, Ireland, "thence by wireless to the New York Times.

Next week Princess Clementine and Prince Victor Napoleon will travel to Vienna to visit Emperor Franz Joseph. Clementine's older sister, Princess Stephanie, and her husband, Count Lonyay, will also travel to Vienna.  The two sisters "will consult together" to discuss the settlement recently offered to them by the Belgian Government.
The Government's offer includes a payment of $800,000 to each princess, as well as a similar sum "as the basis of a life annuity."  The amount offered is based on their share in their late father, King Leopold's fortune. 
Princess Clementine has already received $400,000 "without prejudice to her further expectations."  Princess Stephanie has "so far refused the offer of a settlements" as the third sister, Princess Louise, has filed suit against the Belgian government.   Princess Stephanie and Princess Clementine will also "claim a full third" of their father's fortune.

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