Monday, December 13, 2010

Archduke Karl Stefan elected as Polish Regent

December 13, 1916

Archduke Karl Stephan of Austria has been named as regent of Poland "with the prospect of election as king later," reports the Chicago Daily Tribune today.
The archduke is described as "the brainiest and most energetic member of the Habsburg house."  His younger brother, Archduke Eugen,  the Austrian commander on the Italian front,  "is also extremely popular and highly esteemed among the common people for his ability, democracy, and accessibility."
The archdukes are cousins of Emperor Franz Joseph.  They are among the tallest members of the family.
The 50-year-old Karl Stephan has been the subject of press reports for the past two years about the possibility that he would be named as king for the new kingdom "to be established in the Polish local territory captured from Russia."
His ties to Poland are strong as he has owned estates there for some years.  His daughter, Archduchess Renate, is married to Prince Jerome Radziwill.  Another daughter, Eleonora, is the wife of Captain Alfons von Kloss, "who navigated her father's yacht," according to the New York Times.

The archduke currently serves as a commander in the Austrian navy.  His sister, Maria Cristina, is the Queen Mother of Spain. 

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