Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Serbia: Day 3 - the Cruise

a view from the boat
King Simeon of Bulgaria and Princess Desiree of Sweden
Crown Princess Katherine
Crown Prince Alexander and me

Prince Nikola, Princess Lavinia, me and Austin Pritchard Levy
Saturday, September 18

On Friday morning, I sat down for a huge breakfast at the Hyatt, which was burned off during the long walk through Belgrade. This morning I wasn't as hungry. I went for a swim, and then decided to check out what I could find open in the area. I had heard that Costa Coffee had opened several shops in Belgrade. Costa Coffee is a UK chain founded by 2 Italian brothers. I love Costa. It is the first place I head to when I get through customs at Heathrow -- and it's right outside the door in Terminal 5. HEAVEN!

I wasn't quite sure where the nearest Costa was, so I wandered down the same street where Victoria Station is located. I found Coffee Dream, a locally-owned coffee shop, where the barista made me a divine vanilla latte. I also tried the chocolate chip muffin. Back to the hotel to change into something appropriately casual for the luncheon cruise on the Danube. I must say I was not the only person wearing Ralph Lauren.

The bus picked us up at 10:45 a.m. Before heading to the marina, we were given a tour of the city's sites, many of which I had seen up close and personal the day before. We also passed one street with buildings destroyed during the NATO bombing. The Serbian government has yet to tear them the buildings down. Prime real estate, which could be used for something positive. A Costa Coffee shop!

The buses arrived at the marina just as all the cars with the royals, complete with the police escort. (We had one as well.)

The morning was overcast, but warm. Yes, it would have been nicer if the sun had come out, but let's consider the options. Luncheon cruise on the Danube .. or cleaning house in Alexandria. I choose the cruise, despite the lack of sunshine.

Luncheon was a pasta buffet with a varied selection of from penne to spaghetti, salads and breads, washed down with lovely Serbian wine. The desserts, too, were absolutely yummie.


Rupertb said...

Who is in the guy on the left in the 4th pic with you, Lavinia and hubby ?

Marlene Eilers Koenig said...

Prince Nikola