Tuesday, September 28, 2010

report: Nicholas II alive in France

September 28, 1926

The Transalpine News Agency has issued the following "circumstantial story about Czar Nicholas's escape from Russia," according to the New York Times.

"Information absolutely serious in character permits us to affirm that Czar Nicholas is alive and hidden in a little corner of the Riviera between France and Italy.  Nicholas II was only wounded during the massacre which befell the royal family of Russia, and was saved by one of the soldiers who participated in the killing of other members of the household.
"As proof of this statement there can be cited the two following disturbing facts:
"First, the refugees of the Russian royal family have never chosen a pretender to the throne.  One year after the the reported death of the Czar, Grand Duke Cyril tried to assert his right to the throne but he was immediately dissuaded by Grand Duke Nicholas who informed him of the existence of the Czar.
"Second, at the present time there is deposited in English banks a sizable sum in pounds sterling to the account of Czar Nicholas.  Neither these sums nor the official heritage of the Czar ever yet has been claimed by the rightful heirs and this proves that Czar Nicholas still lives."

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