Monday, September 13, 2010

Regent of Brunswick dead of a stroke

September 12, 1906

The Regent of the duchy of Brunswick, Prince Albrecht of Prussia, died today following a stroke, reports the New York Times. Albrecht, the richest Prince in Germany, was the brother of the late Emperor Wilhelm I. He was born in 1837, and was appointed regent in 1885.
The heir to the Brunswick throne is the Duke of Cumberland, but "he is barred owing to his refusal to renounce his claim to the throne of Hanover." In the last few years, there have been reports of a reconciliation between the Duke and Wilhelm II, but the reports have proved "to be unfounded." It has been suggested that the Emperor "made advances toward an agreement, which the Duke repelled."
In 1902, Brunswick's government, sent to the Diet "a memorandum that the Duke of Cumberland was not the sovereign of the Duchy," and no one could be the Sovereign "unless he was a Federal prince.
It is expected that Kaiser Wilhelm II's second son, Prince Eitel Friedrich, will be named as the new Regent. The appointment is in "the gift of the Emperor."

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