Friday, September 3, 2010

Prince Friedrich of Prussia now a POW

September 3, 1940

Prince Friedrich of Prussia, a grandson of former Kaiser Wilhelm II, is in a concentration camp in Canada, according to the Chicago Tribune Press Services. The 28-year-old Prince, who, since his birth, is an "especial favorite" of Queen Mary
Word of his incarceration in Canada was made known today. He was arrested in England in July as an enemy alien. In a letter from another German prisoner, Friedrich's identity was "revealed in a carefully worded message designed to deceive the censors." He is believed to be at Camp "L" located somewhere in Ontario.
Friedrich had been "saved from arrest for almost a year" by Queen Mary, "but was finally seized after a press campaign against him. He had worked for four years as a clerk in a London banking firm, J. Henry Schrotder and & Co. Just before the war broke out, he "slipped out of Germany, where he had been recalled for military duty, and hastened back to England."
The prince is the fourth son of the former Crown Prince Wilhelm.

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